Flying Proletarian, 1989/96 - homage to Vladimir Mayakovsky - a swing for open-air exercises. Devised for two teams of competitors, with each seat equipped with a lever propelling a pair of wings. The team which is best at working their levers/wings swings higher (and vice versa).



Suprematist Architectural Model, 1927 (reconstruction 2002) - “Suprematist column vertical Suprematism. A monument to the new nonobjective art”. K. Malevich

La Cucaracha, 1995/2005 _ red plywood closet with three peepholes, Barbie rose toilet, music box and 54 porno cards.

Counter-Relief House, 2007 _ from the Arabesque(s) project, Yuri Avvakumov (architecture), Sonya Fyodorova-Roshal (dance),  Dmitry Bulnygin (movie)

Ecce Homo! (scene from the movie Our House, 1965), 2008

-Vale! Vale et tu, ave! Vale et vivas! Ecce homo!

-Architecton est forte.

-Forte est.

-Rutilo caspico pollucendus sit.

-Vere sit. Pauci veri homines sunt.



New Holland Island Studios, St Petersburg, 2011

architecture: Yuri Avvakumov, George Solopov

film: Tatiana Soshenina

Yuri Avvakumov, Olga Barkovskaya, Dmitry Morozov - MANEGE, installation (9-channel audio, 20x60m riding arena/manege), Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow, 2012

video: Tatiana Soshenina

The Manege was built in 1817 as an exerzierhaus or building for military drills and the training of horses. At one time the palace stables were housed there. By 1831 the Manege had been converted in to a cultural centre for various exhibitions, concerts, gatherings and fairs. For many years the Soviet government used the building as a garage for government vehicles. In 1957 it once again became a cultural institution and remains so to this day...

The installation MANEGE, by architect Yuri Avvakumov and sound artists Olga Barkovskaya and Dmitry Morozov, takes the viewer back to the time of the first cavalry parades and training exercises. Inside the Manege are installed a standard 20x60m riding arena filled with 240 cubic metres of sawdust, preserving the sounds and smells of a live stables and a real arena.